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At Spreckels Elementary School, the students are the center of all that we do. The highly skilled and dedicated staff strives to provide all students with a challenging and rigorous curriculum. We believe that each student can achieve academic success. Educating our children requires parent and teachers working together as team. Through your interest and involvement. you model the importance of school, l;earning, and establishing high academic and behavior standards for our children. 
We have an active and involved Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and Educational Foundation that support and contribute to our educational program. Volunteers are welcome in all classrooms. 
Our school rules are be respectful, be responsible, and be safe. We follow a positive-behavior policy, and each month, we focus on a character-build trait. Out children learn to be responsible for their actions and demonstrates kindness, concern, respect, and cooperation towards others. 
Spreckels School focuses on meeting the needs of every student and encourages each learner to achieve their personal best. I invite you to become involved with our school. If you have any questions, or if you need additional information please reach out. 
Go Pirates! 
Teresa Scherpinski
Principal, Spreckels Elementary School 
(831) 455-1831 ext. 150