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Buena Vista Middle School

Buena Vista Middle School

Buena Vista’s Athletics Program prides itself on being known throughout the county for sportsmanship, teamwork, and its competitive spirit. We welcome you to our Bobcat family and hope you learn a lot and have fun!
6th grade girls volleyball and 6th grade boys/girls basketball play on Buena Vista teams via the Salinas Recreation Center. There are no cuts; we form as many teams as necessary to include all interested players. All other sports are played through the Mission Trail Junior Athletic League (MTJAL) which consists of 17 schools throughout Monterey County. Some sports do hold tryouts and make cuts. Cuts will only be made if there are too many students to form a team. Teams will only be formed if there are enough interested players. Title IX information can be found here.
  • 6-8 girls Soccer (tryouts/cuts)
  • 6-8 boys Soccer (tryouts/cuts)
  • 6-8 boys Volleyball (tryouts/cuts)
  • 6-8 coed Cross Country
  • 7th grade girls Volleyball (tryouts/cuts)
  • 8th grade girls Volleyball (tryouts/cuts)
  • 7th grade girls Basketball (tryouts/cuts)
  • 8th grade girls Basketball (tryouts/cuts)
  • 7th grade boys Basketball (tryouts/cuts)
  • 8th grade boys Basketball (tryouts/cuts)
  • 6-8 grade coed Golf
  • 6-8 grade coed Tennis
  • 6-8 grade coed Track & Field





Spreckels Elementary School

Spreckels School supports community sports available to our students at all grade levels. In 5th grade our School works with the Salinas Recreation Department to provide Volleyball, Basketball, and Flag Football for both boys and girls. We count on parent volunteers to coach. Registration fees are paid by each team.