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Parent Portals

Aeries Parent Portal

Aeries Parent Portal

What is the website address to access the parent portal?

Whom do I contact for help? 
Call your school's front office to verify contact information and basic questions. If problems persist, please submit a help ticket at

How do I create a parent portal account: 
  • If you are the educational rights holder of the student you will receive an email with directions on creating your account. 
  • If you do not receive the email follow the directions to create an account at
    • You will need to use the same information that is on record for your student. 

I have more than one child at different schools in the district. Do I have to create multiple accounts? 
No, you will only need to create one Parent Portal Account, then you can toggle between your students. 

Do parents need to create an account every year? 
No. This is a one time process. 

What if I see incorrect information on my student’s account (i.e., phone number or address)? What if I move during the school year? 
The information that you see in the portal is what the school has on file. During the Parent Data Confirmation Window you will be able to go in and edit your information. If the Parent Data Confirmation Window is closed you will need to contact your child’s school. School office staff will make changes to the information with proper documentation. 


What is ParentSquare?
Spreckels USD strives for clear, effective, and innovative ways to communicate to our families. ParentSquare as its primary platform to communicate to families. ParentSquare provides communication through phone calls, emails, texting, and app notifications. 
Where can I access/log in to ParentSquare?
ParentSquare App 
How to change your personal settings in ParentSquare? 
With providing your phone and or email, you can further choose how you want to be notified in those areas.  ParentSquare allows you to set each modality as 1 of 3 options: Instant/Digest/Off.

Example screenshot from the ParentSquare desktop version:
Example Screenshots from the ParentSqaure App version:
PS Phone
Parent Training Resources 
Below are ParentWalkthroughs to learn more about how to operate ParentSquare