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Board of Trustees

The Spreckels Union School District Board of Trustees is comprised of five Spreckels community members who are elected by the public to four-year terms. Elections are held in even-numbered years, and terms are staggered so that two or three seats are open each election. The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing educational goals and standards, approving curriculum, approving the district budget, confirming appointments of all personnel, approving purchases of equipment, supplies, services, leases, renovation, construction, and union contracts. In order to manage day-to-day administration of the district, the Board of Education appoints the Superintendent of Schools. If any community member is interested in running for an open Board of Trustees seat and would like more information, s/he should contact the superintendent at 455-2550 x316.

School Board Best Practices

The Spreckels Union School District is a member of the California School Boards Association (CSBA) and follows its best practices for school governance.  For more information, please visit the CSBA website:​.

Elections: Candidate Guidelines

Please see the Monterey County Elections website for complete information:

Title Name Phone Email Term Ends
President Steve McDougall (831) 272-4499 [email protected] 2024
Vice-President Jennifer Kato   [email protected] 2022
Clerk Michael B. Scott, PhD. (831) 582-4229 [email protected] 2022
Member Chris Hasegawa, PhD. (831) 296-2211 [email protected] 2022
Member Stephanie McMurtrie Adams (415) 412-3853 [email protected] 2024